Bonestil Granollers

Good Scope

The environment is our public home.

That is why we have always been very careful when choosing the best places for each one.

Being calm and in a pleasant atmosphere is a great step to be happy.

And this satisfaction is what we have offered over these twenty years of work in which, apart from finding good places, we have lived in a good environment.

Good Wishes

And now it is when we have to start opening those doors that are stepped forward. We have flown very high during this time, but we still have a lot of strength to keep going up.

We started offering places to live among those that existed and now we have been able to create ourselves.

This is a great stimulus to keep working all together with the enthusiasm and effort that they have set us during these years.

Good Style

Des de el 1995 vam començar a caminar junts, vam anar descobrint i construint aquest projecte. Volíem donar alguna cosa més que un sostre, volíem oferir una llar.

Gràcies al treball que hem fet plegats, hem arribat molt més enllà. Li hem donat al món de la construcció un nou estil, un bon estil. Hem aconseguit que es fessin reals els somnis dels qui han confiat en nosaltres i els hem ofert tot el nostre esforç perquè poguessin gaudir d'un refugi ple d’il·lusions.

I ara, només cal mirar enrere per veure que aquell projecte inicial ja té una gran base sòlida. Un projecte ple de noves idees i noves portes que encara hem d' obrir. Un projecte que junts podem seguir construint.

Good Times

Home is the freedom to be yourself. To be able to sleep in the morning on Sundays in the morning, to listen to the rain as it touches the roof, to discover the therapy of a long bath, to savor the desks accompanied by the dear ones, to walk barefoot with the safety of to be ... at home.

This is the freedom that we have given during all those years in which we have been thinking, investigating, and building between all, new worlds.

Our Team

Esther Prats Manager

“I am still excited by building dreams”

Xavier Balletbó Sales Director

“We come with you and advise you to help make your needs into reality.“

Inmobiliaria Granollers

Ivan Navarro Administration Department

“Resolutely, with kindness, no problem.”