Bonestil Granollers


The environment is our public home.

This is why we have always been very careful in choosing the most suitable places for everyone.

Enjoying tranquillity and an agreeable atmosphere is a big step towards being happy.

And this satisfaction is what we have offered throughout these twenty years of work in which, apart from seeking good locations, we have lived together in a good ambience.


And now is when we have to start opening those doors which are appearing in front of us. We have flown very high during this time, but we still have plenty of strength to continue going upwards.

We began offering places to live in among those which existed and now we are able to create them ourselves.

This is a great stimulus for all of us together to go on working with the excitement and effort that have defined us during these twenty good years.


It is now twenty years since we began our road together, since we started discovering and constructing this project. We wanted to give something more than just a roof, we wanted to offer a real home.

Thanks to the work we have done together, we have gone much further. We have given the construction world a new style, a good style. We have made dreams come true for people who had confidence in us and we offered them all our efforts to ensure that they could enjoy a refuge full of hope.

And now, twenty years later, you only need to look back to see that the initial project already has a really good, solid base. A project full of new ideas and new doors that we have yet to open. A project that we can go on building together.


Home is where you are free to be yourself. Where you can stay in bed on Sunday mornings, listen to the rain as it patters on the tiles, discover the therapy of a long and lazy bath, enjoy sitting together after a meal with your nearest and dearest, go about barefoot with the security of being… at home.

This is the freedom we have given people during these twenty years during which we have been thinking about, researching and constructing, among us all, new worlds.

Our Team

Esther Prats Manager

“I am still excited by building dreams”

Xavier Balletbó Sales Director

“We come with you and advise you to help make your needs into reality.“

Eloisa Sólvez Administration Department

“I shall make sure that the administrative management is quick and efficient.“

Thais GuillenSales Department

“I will help you, to found that you are looking for“