BONESTIL GRANOLLERS S.L. recognizes quality, the prevention of labour risks and a respect for the environment as strategic tools in the overall management of the business. For this reason we have chosen the model of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standards to develop a Quality Management System.

The systematization of processes and their continuous improvement, through developing evaluation procedures.
Process and product control and setting targets and indices.
Personnel motivation, orientation and training for the recognition of quality and a respect for the environment as basic and permanent tasks in the enterprise lead us to:

Define a quality policy adapted to the nature of our activities, products and services.
Achieve satisfaction of the customers' needs and expectations, keeping up communication with them.
Comply with customer requirements, legal requirements, specific local or regional conditions and also other requirements that the organization subscribes to which affect the product or service.
Increase our company's competitiveness, segmenting our product.

Our Quality Policy is documented, implemented and maintained, and is available to all the personnel.

In our company, all this is reflected in the Quality Policy in the following general objectives:

To guarantee that the buildings BONESTIL GRANOLLERS S.L. promotes and builds and the services it provides, both internal and external, comply with the standards applicable and also meet the customers' specifications, all of which we undertake to satisfy.
To control quality costs, in order to be more competitive and offer more competitive services.
To meet the delivery dates agreed with our customers.
To keep up a policy for the supply of raw materials coherent with production needs in the execution of works.
To be effective in all processes so that our costs allow us to maintain our position in the highly competitive real estate market.
To work with suppliers to improve their performance and services.
To give our personnel the right training.

The achievement of these general objectives will be regularly checked by setting specific targets, measured by indicators, in key processes identified by the BONESTIL GRANOLLERS S.L. Management. Through monitoring these indicators we will be able to obtain information and stimulation to meet the commitment we have adopted in relation to the continuous improvement of the system. The results will be communicated to all the personnel.

Finally we must point out that to achieve what is set out here, we need to have the active cooperation of all the company's personnel and establish effective and mutually beneficial communication with our suppliers, especially where raw materials are concerned.

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